Why CafePress?

Canvas bag from the conscientious home

It is entirely reasonable to question why I've selected CafePress as the supplier to sell canvas bags. Plainly and simply, it is not my first choice. Given the resources, I would happily find a business that emphasized natural fibers and had demonstrably good labor practices, etc.

However, the practicality of the matter is that this is a private project which I have decided to start up on my own with no outside funding and without any intent to earn a profit from it. As such, the cost to initially acquire a stock of bags is beyond my limited means.

I sincerely hope that there are no egregious problems with CafePress - in regards to their labor practices, their materials, or any other environmental issues. I did some research; with little in the way of results, positive or negative.

I encourage everybody to let me know of problems with CafePress!

Updated by Joe Dolson on 09 December, 2005


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Canvas bags are available from CafePress.com. Each bag contributes $1 to the Conscientious Home!
Why canvas bags?

Why CafePress?