Public Transit: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Part 1: Bad Transit

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I lived in Rochester, New York for two years - during that entire time, I traveled to and from work either on foot or by bus - and it was a MISERABLE experience. Why? Because public transit in Rochester was awful. (They have made some improvements since I left, which I'll mention - to be fair!) There are three essential problems with public transit in Rochester:

To give the RGRTA it's due credit, they are improving. They have added a trip planner to their website which is a vast improvement on the former ability to figure out routes from their schedules. One can only hope they're able to add routes and schedules!

Why is a transit system this bad? I don't really blame it on the management, although I don't think they're entirely blameless - it's the responsibility of a public which simply doesn't make enough use of the bus to convince the city to invest in it. It's a vicious circle - people won't use the system because it's not very user friendly, and the system won't improve because nobody uses it.

Next up: my best transit experiences - Vienna, Austria.

Updated by Joe Dolson on 24 August, 2009

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