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Joe Dolson

On April 20th, 2006, the National Geographic published an article urging Eco-Experts to blog. This call to arms is based on the generally low quality of existing weblog content on environmental and conservation related issues.

I fervently support this need - and hope to avoid adding to the sea of inaccurate information. This website isn't exactly a blog, although it does have many similar features. To date, however, it does have the blog-like characteristic that it contains exclusively my own writing, my own thoughts, and my own mistakes. Although I may reference others mistakes; any mistakes contained within this website are my own.

I'm not an environmental expert by any estimation. I am concerned about the environment and I'm want to try and make information and resources more easily accessible. Anybody who reads these articles and notes an error in judgement, fact, or even opinion is encouraged to contact me and enlighten me to their viewpoint! Furthermore, anybody who has stronger knowledge than I do in this area is encouraged to write their own articles and allow me to publish them on this site.

But I hope to avoid over-generalized scientific assumptions on this site. Scientific explanations for environmental issues are complex, requiring a full understanding of many interlinking ecosystems and the consequences of your actions. This level of understanding is difficult to reach. I don't have the concrete knowledge to make those explanations, myself. However, I will attempt, to the best of my ability, to give an honest and thoughtful look at the social issues surrounding local commerce and community environmentalism.

If you can find your nearby ecologically friendly businesses using this site, visit those independent businesses instead of global corporations then this site is successful.

Updated by Joe Dolson on 24 August, 2009

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