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The idea behind this website is to provide access to the wide variety of resources that can make keeping your home environmentally responsible easier. It's about building your own community responsibility and helping you find your way to environmentalism in your daily life. It's not about expensive large-scale projects like building a home out of all recycled products, and it doesn't expect anybody to be ripping out their major appliances to replace them with products that are more conservative of water or energy - it's about a more environmental approach to your daily routine.

The Conscientious Home is about raising your awareness of the impact you can have on the world through routine activities like grocery shopping, banking, gift buying, and community responsibility.

Some of the simplest things we can do are shopping at used book stores, or taking our own cloth bags to the grocery store. When I visit the grocery store, and they give me 15 plastic bags to contain my week's groceries, that's a huge waste. When I pack everything into three or four canvas sacks, which I will reuse for several years, I've made a difference. Hopefully, somebody who hadn't thought of the idea will see me, and start to do the same.

And what about transportation? I know that much of the US has lousy public transportation - but it won't ever get better if we don't use it. The only motivation a government has to improve the public transit system is if there's evidence that it's desired.

The main focus of the website is the Green Resource Directory - an index of potentially valuable resources organized by community. Amongst the businesses and organizations listed are natural food stores (with a focus on cooperative stores), public transit organizations, natural foods restaurants, community banks, and many others!

I'm not an expert - merely conscientious and concerned. I hope that people with valuable knowledge will help build the information in this site so everybody can benefit!

Updated by Joe Dolson on 24 August, 2009

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Traveling by bicycle (or other self-powered vehicles) is an excellent way of combining a need for daily exercise with saving fossil fuels in your transport. What do you consider a reasonable bicycle commute? (One way.)

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